Metropolis Clean-Up Weeks

spring clean up

Monday through Friday
October 17-21 and October 24-28

All items must be at curb or alley, whichever is your normal pick up point, and within 5 feet of the container. All items must be boxed or bagged unless bulky items (furniture, appliances, etc). Bulky items will be picked up when possible.

Carpet and padding must be rolled no wider than 3 feet wide. Small amounts of lumber must be bundled into 3×3-foot bundles.

no signNot allowed: Tires, car batteries, flammable liquids, hazardous or medical waste, paint, construction or demolition debris, yard waste, and electronics (including televisions)

reduce reuse recycleClean up weeks will be for these two weeks only. For more information, contact Bulldog Systems at 877-285-3479 or the Mayor’s office at 618-524-4016.