October is Talk About Prescriptions Month


Another Bee Healthy Tip from the trusted team at Metropolis Drugs II:  from left: Tim Lawson, Dacia Stewart, Leslie Lawson and Lauren Scott.

Older Adults and Medications Use

As we age, our bodies change. Medicines may affect you differently as you get older because your body processes them differently.

You may take more medicines now than when you were younger. Even medicine that you’ve taken before or have taken consistently may act differently in your body as you age. Medicines now may require more monitoring or dosage adjustments.

While medicines are an important and often necessary tool for living well as we age, there can be risks associated with using medicines, especially for older adults. Talk with your doctor and with us about your current medications, and any new medications, to make sure your prescription and over-the-counter medication use is safe and effective.

— Source: National Council on Patient Information and Education


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