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Remembering Noel Neill – Memorial Celebration is Nov. 5

Remembering Noel Neill
A Celebration of Her Life, 1920 – 2016

noel-neillSaturday, November 5, 2016
2  – 5 p.m.

First United Methodist Church
100 E. 5th St., Metropolis, Illinois

Come and be a part of  honoring the life and career of the late actress Noel Neill, best known for her role as “Lois Lane” in the 1950s television series, ‘The Adventures of Superman’. All are welcome to attend the service which will include remembrances, rare film clips and presentations by those who knew and loved and Noel Neill, who was affectionately know as the “First Lady of Metropolis.”

The event will be held, appropriately enough, in Metropolis, where Noel was present in 2010 for the dedication of a statue of Lois Lane, modeled after her likeness.

Miss Neill passed away of natural causes on July 3, 2016, in Tucson, Arizona. She was 95.

Scheduled speakers/presenters include:

* Dr. Pam Munter of Palm Desert, CA. She is the author of Almost Famous, and When Teens Were Keen. Pam will discuss Noel’s life in Hollywood before Lois Lane. Website

* Jim Nolt of Lancaster, PA, editor of The Adventures Continue. Website

* Jim Bowers of Las Vegas, Nevada, editor of CapedWonder Superman Imagery. Website

* Steve Younis, Sydney, Australia, (video contribution), editor of Superman Homepage. Website

* Larry Blankley of Granite City, Illinois

* John Field of San Diego, CA (video contribution)

* Lisa Gower & Karla Ogle of the Metropolis, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

* Terry Ryan of Sydney, Australia

* Stephanie Perrin of Romeo, Michigan

* Angie Sivori of Lake Charles, Louisiana

* Larry Thomas Ward of Tucson, AZ, author of “Truth, Justice, & The American Way: The Life & Times of Noel Neill” and “Beyond Lois Lane”.

Music will be performed by The Melungeons.

For information, contact the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at 618-524-2714 or Facebook, or Metropolis Tourism at 618-524-5025.